Ricoh has released its Caplio G3 camera, which it claims is the first digital camera to outpace conventional 35mm cameras when it comes to taking quick pictures.

The Caplio G3 has a shutter response time of 0.14 seconds, Ricoh claims. That is faster than a 35mm film camera, and 0.08 seconds faster that its predecessor, the Caplio RR30. The camera uses what it calls a hybrid auto-focusing system (external and through-the-lens) to achieve this.

The Caplio G3's resolution is 3.24 million pixels, and it offers a 3x optical zooms lens, backed up with a 3.4x digital zoom. In macro mode the camera will capture objects as close as 1cm, otherwise it has a shooting range from 30cm.

Available now, the unit costs £185 (excluding VAT).