Apple has released Mac OS X-compatible versions of iTunes 1.1, iMovie 2 and AppleWorks 6.1 Preview.

All three are available for download from Apple. None of the downloads support Mac OS X Public Preview.

iTunes 1.1 for OS X has all the features of the OS 9.0 version, but will not burn CDs or display full-screen visual effects. Apple promises a patch to assure CD authoring within weeks.

iMovie 2 has all the OS 9.0 version features, including the ability to capture video information from a compatible digital-video camera over FireWire.

Apple has also released AppleWorks 6.1 Preview for Mac OS, a pre-release version of its productivity suite. The OS X-compliant Preview offers word processing, spreadsheet, database and page layout functions, and is distributed as an update to the OS 9.0-compliant AppleWorks 6.0.4.

Apple announced its plans to release the applications for download last week.