MetaCreations announced yesterday it has released Carrara 1.0, its new 3D animation and modelling software.

The announcement came despite the company’s recent statement that it was shedding most of its graphics software, in order to concentrate on "e-commerce vizualization solutions" (see Daily News, MetaCreations dumps designers)

In a press release issued yesterday, the company emphasized that Carrara "supports and complements" its e-commerce vizualization strategy, by providing output to the MetaStream 3D file format. MetaStream is MetaCreation’s technology for streaming 3D files over the Web.

"We consider Carrara to be highly strategic to the company’s goal of providing e-commerce vizualization solutions," said Mark Zimmer, the newly-appointed president and CEO. "While the vision of Carrara was born nearly a decade ago, based on current Interent trends, the product couldn’t come to market at a more advantageous time."

Carrara contains all the features found in many high-end 3D packages, such as a hybrid rRay Tracer, multiple modellers, lens flares, motion blur and 3D light sources.

MetaCreations has not yet given any indication as to the future of its other graphics packages, such as Bryce, Painter and Kai’s Power Tools. However, the company has pledged support for all existing products.