MetaCreations introduced Carrara 1.0 - its next-generation 3D modelling and animation solution for print, video and the Web - at Seybold yesterday.

Carrara 1.0 is due for release in the autumn, and will contain the most important features found in high-end 3D packages, including hybrid Ray Tracer, advanced shader-editors, multiple modellers, real-time Metaballs, particle systems, 3D light sources, deformers, and physical effects.

The software will introduce SmartFlow, a new workflow that MetaCreations calls "a new way to interact with 3D". Based on a room concept, SmartFlow allows users to "walk" projects through a series of production steps, with each area featuring the tools required to complete the necessary tasks.

Carrara supports the MetaStream format, and the software’s Direct 3D and Open GL support allows direct manipulation, texturing and modelling of 3D objects in real-time using hardware acceleration.

Included in the package are hundreds of 3D clipart objects and shaders, camera presets, light source presets and special FX pre-sets.

The API is based on a fully object-oriented and mature source code. The SDK will soon be available on the MetaCreations Web site, containing all the tools to build Carrara plug-ins.