An era is ending. Casady & Greene Inc., a company that's been publishing software since 1984, will officially cease business as of Thursday.

"With computers coming out loaded with software the way they are, people don't seem to think they need extras," Bonnie Mitchell of C&G told MacCentral. "And a small third-party company like ours finds it difficult to convince people that they do, in fact, need such extras. The products we carry will go back to their owners - we don't own any of them - and those owners will be supporting them and probably offering them for sale."

C&G's Web site will offer email and URLs for these developers, so that customers can continue to receive support. The company won't leave anyone "stranded," Mitchell said.

C&G's product line includes Captain Bumper, Chaos Master, Conflict Catcher, Glider Pro, iData Pro, InfoGenie, Spell Catcher, TimeSlice, Zone Warrior, and more. Probably the company's most successful product of all was Conflict Catcher, one of the must-have utilities for the traditional Mac operating system.