Casady & Greene has released SoundJam MP Plus 2.0 and SoundJam MP Free 2.0, both based on the company’s original SoundJam MP MP3 player/encoder.

SoundJam MP Free 2.0 can convert and play back a wide range of audio formats – including MP3, AIFF and WAV, QuickTime, NVF and Mac sound files.

SoundJam MP Plus 2.0 is a fast and fully-featured MP3 player/encoder. It has all the features of SoundJam, is Velocity Engine-compliant, and can record live from a sound input. Also featured is a playlist composer, a karaoke mode, alarm clock, and CD Database (CDDB) support.

A fun feature in the new upgrade is the Skin Converter, this lets Audion and WinAmp skins to be used with SoundJam

SoundJam MP Plus 2.0 is a $40 download, though a boxed product is available for $50 which includes a stereo cable and over 100 MP3’s.