If you're going to be in the Silicon Valley region next week and fancy appearing in the forthcoming Steve Jobs biopic, this could be your lucky day. An advert for extras in the film has appeared on Craigslist.

The posting is for a movie in the Silicon Valley/Palo Alto area "based on Steven Jobs", which Forbes - and most right-thinking Apple fans - assume is the one starring Ashton Kutcher (which we've discussed elsewhere, from Kutcher's outfit to the casting of Steve Wozniak). Filming takes place from 4-8 June.

"Film takes place in the 70s," the advert reads, and adds that the producers are therefore "looking for the 70s look - longish hair, sideburns etc". They are also looking for owners of cars from the 1965-1973 era.

If you're not familiar with the harsh financial realities of acting, however, be warned that the pay will be minimum wage: $8 an hour in California. You get some meals included, mind.

Good luck!

Craigslist advert for Steve Jobs movie extras

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