Catalanese Mac users are campaigning to convince Apple to localize Mac OS X for the Catalan language.

The campaigners note that "at least 20" languages exist within the European Union. They also claim that one-in-four Spanish Macs exist in the region.

The Catalan region is defined as: Catalonia, Valencia, the Balearics, the Ponent Border (all under Spanish administration) as well as Northern Catalonia (under French administration), the Alguer Italian city and Andorra.

Apple has released Mac operating systems localized for Catalan in the past, systems between OS 7 and 9 offered this. The campaigners also note that the company which localizes Mac OS X for Spanish, Portugese and French is based in Catalan.

Adding further fuel to their argument, they remark that Windows XP is already available in that language, which already claims: "Seven million active speakers.

Apple Spain and the Catalan Government have begun talks with regard to the matter, but the campaigners want both parties to be aware of their desire for such support.