CBS may join ABC in making video content available through Apple's iTunes Music Store.

CBS Digital president Larry Kramer confirmed he has "had talks" with Apple on such plans.

"Kramer said a partnership with Apple is a strong possibility as long as the "economic proposal is fair enough," Media Daily News reports.

On the day the iPod (with video) debuted, Kramer revealed CBS would distribute podcasts including "60 Minutes" through iTunes.

Yesterday CBS confirmed plans to distribute three episodes of its sci-fi series "Threshold" online through

Traveller’s get video advice

In related news that shows the diversity of content producers planning to release video for the new device, Zoom and last night confirmed it will make its entire library of 10,000 videos available for iPods.

Zoom and Go is a traveller-focused website. It offers travel videos, in-depth hotel reviews and more. Zoom And Go will have video for most major destinations and hotels by the end of this year.

Available content includes classic moments you can only expect to find if you travel the world, including a clip of a traveller receiving an Elephant massage in Phuket, Thailand.