SunComm Technologies has announced that its CD copy-protection technology is now completely functional and secure on Macs, as well as PCs - but revealed a potential threat to Apple's iTunes technology.

The technology is called MediaMax CD-3, and is currently being tested by some of the major record labels, the company said.

The solution was unveiled on Saturday, January 18, 2003 at the European music-industry show Midem, France.

The technology integrates Windows Media Player's MediaData Session Toolkit to provide copy protection.

MediaMax CD-3 technology prevents the unauthorized uploading and copying of digital original music to illegal peer-to-peer file-sharing services, while allowing those legally purchasing SunnComm-protected compact discs to legally play, move and share the tracks.

SunnComm's chief technology officer Eric Vandewater said: "Completing the Macintosh development of our security feature for the MediaMax CD-3 product solution is a monumental step forward and one of the last major pieces required to complete our audio-CD protection puzzle."

He explained: "The technology will now allow CD buyers to make authorized copies of music on their computer for their own personal use. They will be able to listen to the music on their PCs or transport the content to portable listening devices."

Vandewater hinted at a potential threat to iTunes: "All these features are available through SunnComm's proprietary multimedia user interface." Suggesting it will not integrate with iTunes - although this has not been confirmed.