Keyspan has announced its new TuneView Remote, which offers a new level of control for iPods.

The device boasts a colour LCD screen and two-way RF connectivity. The screen displays the contents of your music library on the remote itself, so you can navigate the content of your media player from where you happen to be.

The device is designed to be used in conjunction with Keyspan's TuneView Dock for iPod. With this device, the remote gives users the ability to play/pause, adjust volume and change tracks and also see the contents of the iPod.

Using a two-way radio between the devices, Keyspan's TuneView technology enables information about your music to be shared between the dock and remote.

When used with Keyspan's TuneView USB adaptor, the TuneView Remote can be used to remotely manage iTunes running on a Mac or PC.

TuneView USB works with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Mac OS X. The remote costs $99 and the adaptor $39, UK price has not yet been confirmed, though Keyspan's UK distributor, AM Micro, has confirmed the product will ship here.