Apple partner, Motorola has demonstrated its six forthcoming wide area protocol (WAP) phones:

TalkAbout The Motorola TalkAbout T2288 is the most basic of the three. It will be available in three colours, and have a full matrix graphic screen displaying up to five lines of text and icons. The phone features standard mobile phone features, such as call divert, a dedicated voicemail key, and the ability to send and receive short text messages.

V. series Motorola also launched its V. series phone, the V.2288, aimed at the youth market. This has a built-in FM radio, voice activated dialing, and a digital voice recorder so users can leave memos and reminders on their phone. The phone can also flash different colours when it rings, and colours can be linked to different groups of callers.

Timeport The company released three phones in its Timeport series of WAP-enabled GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) phones. The Timeport P7389 is a tri-band GSM (Global Systems for Mobile Communications) phone which uses type-ahead technology, voice activation, a digital voice recorder and a vibrating alert.

The Timeport P7389e e-commerce phone allows users to shop from their digital handset using a bank smart card initially, although the company will offer alternative methods such as virtual wallets in areas where the smart cards are not widely used. Users will also be able to send email and other text messages from the phone. The phone will support English, German, French, Italian and Spanish languages, and will include a headset and vibrating alert option.

The Timeport P1088 smart phone will include a dual-mode browser handset with an HTML browser, as well as a WAP-enabled browser. It features a large touch screen and allows users to surf the Internet, send and receive emails and text messages, as well as send faxes.

Pocket Internet Each model of phone will eventually have its own Internet portal, said Rick Darnaby, senior vice president and general manager of Motorola's personal communications sector, EMEA. "We will be delivering the pocket Internet into the palm of your hand," he said.

Timeport will be the first line to have a portal, called It will launch with 19 content providers, including, and Users will be able to purchase goods online using their phone. Pricing information remains to be announced.