Netgear has confirmed it plans to produce WiFi products that support the draft specification of 802.11n in the first half of 2006.

The company is demonstrating its new products at giant German technology trade show, CeBIT.

The 802.11n standard offer better performance than the current generation - 802.11g - offers, including the capacity to stream high-quality video across a wireless network without suffering dropped frames. Network storage is also a possibility - and all these high bandwidth applications can be conducted without hampering other traffic on the network.

The new products will offer data rates up to 600Mbps using spatial multiplexing MIMO technology, the company explained. The 802.11n specification is expected to be finalised sometime in 2007.

"The rapid adoption of bandwidth-intensive applications that support high-quality data, voice and video traffic is driving the demand for a network infrastructure that delivers increased stability, faster data throughput speeds, and greater range," explained Vivek Pathela, senior director of product marketing.

Following a unanimous vote by Task Group N of the IEEE 802.11 committee on January 19, 2006, the Joint Proposal for high-throughput wireless networking up to 600Mbps with spatial multiplexing MIMO is being written into an IEEE draft document in preparation for a ballot.

The standardisation process will address any issues regarding backwards compatibility and multi-vendor interoperability.