Palm has introduced its first 256-colour-display device, the Palm IIIc handheld.

The Palm IIIc weighs 192g, has a clear, bright colour screen and enriched user interface. According to Palm, the battery lasts up to two weeks, and recharges like a cellular phone. It has 8MB memory and can run software from among the 5,000 Palm OS software applications currently available. The product is flash-upgradable for compatibility with future versions of Palm software, and uses Palm OS 3.5. The estimated retail price is £349 (including VAT).

Also at CeBIT, Palm announced the European release of the £299 Palm Vx – previously available only in the US. The Palm Vx also runs Palm OS 3.5, and contains 8MB memory, HotSync and more.

Palm announced the Palm portable keyboard, a collapsible, full-size keyboard that enables data entry from any Palm handheld. When folded, the keyboard measures 9.1x13x2cms and weighs 230g. It retails for £70.