Sony today announced more support from major electronics companies for its chewing gum-sized Memory Stick memory card.

The news, announced at the CeBIT trade show, increases the stakes in the battle to become the dominant memory card format. The proprietary Sony format, which was announced by the company last year, counts Smart Media, Compact Flash and the recently launched Secure Digital card among its competitors.

Among the new licensees are Acer Laboratories, Compaq Computer, Mitsubishi Electric, Samsung Electronics and Texas Instruments, Sony said.

Lots of support With the new licensees Sony will have 46 companies supporting Memory Stick, although none of the makers has yet to produce products featuring support for the storage device. Sony has been including drives for Memory Stick in everything from notebook computers and digital-still cameras, to digital-audio players.

Sony is demonstrating a range of prototype devices based on the storage format, including video and image viewers, at CeBIT. The video viewer allows users to watch videos stored on the Memory Stick, although with a current maximum capacity of 64MB, the card can only store six minutes of MPEG-1 (moving picture experts group) format video.

The image viewer not only accepts Memory Stick cards, but also almost any other media card format with a PC Card adaptor, Sony said. In addition it included a recordable compact disc drive to allow users to create their own discs of images.