Apple has begun a wave of celebrity-led Switch ads in the US, posting three such commercials for viewing on its Web site.

The ads feature professional surfer Kelly Slater, professional skateboarder, Tony Hawk and US DJ Qbert. The ads focus on the Macs use as a video and music production powerhouse, and have been produced in the same style as previous ads in Apple's Switch series.

Hawk and Slater's segments also feature videos they created using Apple multimedia solutions.

The company's aggressive Switch campaign intends to show Windows users how much better their computing experience could be using a Mac. The campaign aggressively praises the virtues of the Mac OS, focusing particularly on the company's suite of iApps.

Apple's decision to focus so directly on its platform's advantages against competing products in the market has spawned a counterattack. In August, PC-giant Gateway launched a campaign in support of its Profile 4 computer, which directly attacked Apple's new iMac.
Gateway also propagated analysis that, it claimed, showed the advantages of its solution in comparison to Apple's.