UK software-developer Living Memory has released its shareware audio-application CellSynth.

CellSynth can synthesize and process audio, manipulate samples, and apply automated sequencing routines. The program has been developed to cater for beginners and experts, and all output can be recorded to disk for use with other software solutions, such as VST, Logic Audio or Digital Performer. It also contains hundreds of preset sounds and files.

The application offers a "simple user interface", consisting of a number of Cells - which can be manipulated to create a variety of sounds. It's also possible to create unique sounds, applying some of CellSynth's digital-sound processing cells - which include phasers, vocoders, delays and reverbs.

The program can be controlled using any MIDIController, or the built-in Automation Sequencer. It offers synchronized playback of audio samples, with the ability to instantly tune loops to tempo.

CellSynth is available for download from Living Memeory. Registration currently costs the special price of $65.