UK developer, Virtual Programming, has released its Mac port of PC title, Celtic Kings: Rage of War.

The game blends strategy, role-playing and adventure game elements within a real-time title with two complementary modes of play, adventure and strategic mode.

Gamespot described the PC version of the title as: "The perfect game for role-playing fans sick of repetitive hack-and-slash gameplay. It's also the perfect game for real-time strategy fans sick of repetitive base-building and tank-rushing."

In strategic mode, players must defeat their computer or other Internet-connected players, using strategy and tactics. Players train and command units, field heroes, find and employ powerful magic artifacts and conquer strongholds, villages and territories.

Adventure mode puts players in command of a group of exploring adventurers travelling through a world itself embroiled in a struggle between the Romans and the Gauls. Players choose sides, hold (and betray) alliances, and manage their relationships with the powerful druids. They find artifacts (which can be used in the strategic game), and move to take command of their own strongholds.

Mac OS X 10.2 or later, at least an 800MHz G3 processor and 64MB RAM are recommended to play the £29.95 title.