Advanced Technology Office has released a new product that will directly record video to an iPod.

Ato's iSee 360 turns any iPod, iPod mini or iPod nano into a video recorder/player. Users slide the iPod into the dock of the product to make use of the functionality.

The iSee 360 will play video with sound, using the iPod's headphones or external speakers. It can record TV shows directly from the TV for playback on either the iPod or the telly. It will also play video downloaded to the device from a computer from the Internet, it carries a 3.6-inch screen and has four-hours battery-life.

The iPod slides into place inside the back side of the iSee device, converting the iPod into a mass storage device capable of playing its own content and extending the product for video, too. It ships in the US in the first quarter and will cost $249.