Netgear and Skype plan to sell a WiFi phone which the companies are demonstrating at CES.

The handset lets Skype users make calls from any WiFi access point.

The Skype-Netgear partnership unveiled Wednesday will deliver what the companies called the first WiFi phone to deliver the "full Skype experience".

Skype is a peer-to-peer Internet telephony application that typically uses client software loaded on a PC. Talking with other Skype users worldwide is free, and calls to non-Skype users are available for a fee through the SkypeOut service. Netgear's phone will come with the Skype software pre-loaded so all users need to start making calls is a Skype username and password, the companies said. The user's list of Skype contacts will show up automatically.

More information about the phone, including pricing and availability dates, will be available later this quarter.

eBay acquired Skype last year.