Sandisk launched two iPod nano-like flash-based music players at CES 2006.

The company announced the new Sandisk Sansa e200 series players and said they would ship in the US and Europe this March. The players offer up to 6GB of storage - and as illustrated look very similar.

The Sansa e200 series is about the same length and width as the iPod nano but is slightly thicker, at 0.5-inches (1.3cm) versus the nano's 0.27-inches. The e200 models have a 1.8-inch colour screen, while the iPod nano features a 1.5-inch colour screen.

The 2GB e250 model costs $199 while a $249 model offers 4GB of storage. The line tops out with 6GB of storage for $299.

Sandisk also introduced a line of smaller flash memory music players at the press conference that, not surprisingly, resemble Apple's iPod shuffle device. However, the Sansa c100 series players ship with colour screens. They cost $119 (1GB) or $169 (2GB).