The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will see the first public demonstration of a new technology that allows Digital TV, IPTV and HDTV to be streamed over standard Wi-Fi.

Ruckus Wireless will transmit multiple HDTV, DTV and IPTV streams over a standard in-home 802.11g Wi-Fi network at CES, which takes place in Las Vegas from January 5-8, 2006. Demonstrations will include reliably transmitting high- definition digital video content from a media centre system over 802.11g (the same frequency used by Apple's Airport) to a media extender for viewing on a TV, claims the company.

Infonetics Research analyst Jeff Heynen said: "For service providers, moving digital multimedia around the home reliably and cost-effectively remains a significant obstacle to the successful deployment of IPTV and other triple-play services. Up to now, this problem has been largely swept under the carpet because no one has really figured it out."

Heynen noted that while consumers love Wi-Fi, the technology was developed for data applications that can tolerate delays. "A single Wi-Fi network for every type of multimedia content is what consumers and carriers would really love to have, if they could get it. But the technology hasn't yet shown itself worthy of dealing with interference or providing a connection that is stable or predictable enough to support new services entering the home like IPTV."

Recent advances in compression and networking technology are quickly bringing digital voice, IPTV and data to consumers over a single broadband IP connection coming into the home. But once dropped at the doorstep, consumers must deal with how best to distribute this digital multimedia content that is now wrapped within the Internet Protocol (IP), to televisions, personal video recorders, and other new multimedia appliances located throughout the home.