Apple has updated its UK iTunes music store once again, with a fresh free single of the week track and more new releases.

New releases include The Chemical Brothers' new album, 'Push the Button', which was released on all formats yesterday. Critically-acclaimed as, "perhaps the best Chemical Brothers album yet", the release has already inspired a high-profile remix album of the band's new album, called 'Flip the Switch'.

'Flip the Switch' was released simultaneously yesterday by DJs Ed and Tom and a team of leading remixers. The project took just 24-hours and was revealed on London's new music-focused XFM. The free remix album is available for download here.

Artist's Amusement Park On Fire provide this week's free single of the week through iTunes. The track, 'Venosa', should appeal to Godspeed You Black Emperor, Pixies and/or My Bloody Valentine fans, according to Apple's playlist notes.

"This is the no-frills world of indie rock with all the parts in the right place, raw and untouched by the grubby hands of over-egged production."

iTunes also presents a special feature on Morrisey.