Analysts are predicting that personal computer ownership will double by 2010 with China leading the way.

Forrester Research says that worldwide the number of personal computers will reach 1.3 billion but more than a third of this growth will be seen in growing markets, including China, Russia and India.

Forrester predicts that there will be 80 million new PC users in India by 2010 and 40 million new users in Indonesia. China will add 178 million new PCs by 2010.

China shop

Forrester analyst Simon Yates told BBC: "Today's products from Western PC vendors won't dominate in those markets in the long term. Instead local PC makers like Lenovo Group in China and Aquarius in Russia that can better tailor the PC form factor, price point and applications to their local markets will ultimately win the market share battle."

A week ago IBM sold of its PC business to China's leading computer maker Lenavo. The $1.75bn (£900m) deal will make the combined venture the third biggest PC vendor in the world, says the BBC.

According to Forrester, there are 575 million PCs in use globally today. The United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific are expected to add 150 million new PCs by 2010.