Telecoms analysts at Informa Telecom predict there will be 190 million broadband subscribers worldwide this year - and 440 million by the end of 2010.

Research contained within the first edition of the Future Broadband Markets report, a management report states that DSL technology will strengthen its lead over cable based subscriptions with an anticipated 77 per cent of the worldwide broadband market in 2010.

Japan, South Korea, Sweden and Finland will have in excess of 30 per cent of their population set-up for broadband.

However, the nature of the broadband market may, "change fundamentally with the advent of WiMax and other wireless broadband technologies," the analysts warn.

China set to explode

China once again emerges as the world's future superpower, with broadband subscriptions overtaking those in the US by 2008. And by 2010 China will account for one-in-four of all broadband subscribers - but only 90 per cent of Chinese will be conected.

The analysts also predict operators will move to providing broadband-based services, such as television.