Intel and IBM have announced separate plans for new technologies and manufacturing processes to make chips up to ten times faster.

Intel told the Wall Street Journal that it can now create computers operating at 10 billion cycles-per-second at a cost of $1,500 – comparable to mainframe machines costing millions of dollars.

Intel plans to reveal a 0.03-micron transistor prototype, enabling chips with 400 million transistors to run at speeds of 10GHz. The technology is expected to ship by 2005.

IBM spoke to the Wall Street Journal of its plans to use 0.13-micron technology to create chips for use in servers by next year. A micron is about the width of a human hair. IBM's new process uses copper wiring and silicon-on-insulator transistors.

IBM said the 0.13-micron technology will enable 2GHz chips to become a feature of voice recognition, fingerprint authentication and wireless video technologies in computers and mobile phones.