IBM is to stage a processor event at which it will discuss its Power PC 970FX chip, which is at the heart of the Xserve G5.
The company could also be set to reveal new information on some of its PowerPC processors.
The Envisioneering Group analyst Richard Doherty told Cnet: "I think they're going to talk about the whole road map...filling in the gaps between Power 5 at one end and Cell at the other."
The Cell processor is a joint-processor architecture from IBM, Sony and Toshiba. The Power5 processor is the company's next generation of high-end server chips.
IBM's third and final IBM chip type is the PowerPC family – Apple uses the PowerPC 970 in the Xserve.
IBM recently made a number of changes in its chip business, including launching new processors, establishing a chip foundry, and combining its Microelectronics and Server groups into a new Systems and Technology Group.
According to Cnet, analysts believe this event is part of a strategy to make people more aware of the Power family of chips.
The event takes place on March 31 at the W Hotel in Manhattan.