Adobe gets between 22 and 25 per cent of its business from the Mac, and believes that Apple will continue to maintain the loyalty of its customers.

Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen told PC Magazine: "Our Mac business has stayed relatively strong, which is good news. And I believe, at least what our customers are telling us and what our revenue is telling us in terms of mix, that those loyal Macintosh users, continue to be loyal to the Mac."

Chizen says those who use Macs stick with Macs: "What we don't see are a lot of graphics professionals moving over, back from Windows to Macintosh, but those who are on Mac, because of all the great things that Steve Jobs has done, are sticking with Mac. Most of our customers are telling us they have plans to move to G5 this year, which is good news for the industry and good news for us.

Mac support Chizen admitted that Adobe dropped Mac support for Premiere and Photoshop Album because "it didn't make sense to compete against Apple".

"Apple already had an offer, and it doesn't make sense for us to take our resources and try to compete directly with them, where in effect they either give away the software or they have a competitive advantage that it doesn't make sense for us to try to compete against.

"And in the case of video, they're tied into Quicktime, they're tied right into the hardware. It was easier for us to focus in on Wintel and try to produce a more compelling solution. In the case of Photoshop Album, they give away iPhoto free. Why compete with free?"

He is not concerned that Apple's will create competition in the Photoshop arena. He told PC Magazine: "If you look at a category like digital imaging, or now even layout, Adobe has such a strong position in a market that's been around for many years. We continue to innovate, and I'd be surprised if Apple tried to compete with us in those areas. Apple has told us that's not their intent, and I don't believe they will."