Chronos has released a number of software updates for its productivity and information management products.

The company has released StickyBrain 4 (30-day demo available) and SOHO Organizer, which succeeds the Personal Organizer and Group Organizer and includes: SOHO Contacts, Calendars, Notes and Print Essentials.

Best understood as a digital notebook, StickyBrain 4 adds seven new types of fully-searchable notes (PDF, image, movie, audio, web archive, bookmark, and files), support for Spotlight, a built-in browser for viewing bookmarks, and a new interface.

The built-in web browser is based on the Safari web engine and contains all the features users expect, including built-in Google search, forward/backward buttons, history, and more. The software synchronises with iPods and Palm handhelds, can author notes from within any application, will link notes to Address Book entries and integrates with iPhoto.

StickyBrain costs $39.99.

SOHO Organizer

SOHO Organizer ($99) is a suite of personal and business productivity tools, SOHO Contacts, Calendars, Notes and Print Essentials.

SOHO Contacts software manages and shares contact information; you can attach call logs to contact files, link-up calendar and appointment data, and attach tasks, notes and documents to contacts. Information synchronises to iPods, Palms and more.

The SOHO Calendars product links up with iCal, so it's easy to ensure everyone is reading date data from the same page. SOHO Notes offers all the format suport and functionality of StickyBrain.

Finally, SOHO Print Essentials is a fast, effective way to produce professional-looking documents: labels, envelopes, letterhead, fax covers, invoices, address books and more.

Fully functional 30-day trial versions of all Chronos products are available to download from the company.

More in-depth information on each of these built-for-OS X products is available from the company.