NVidia joined ATI in unleashing its newest graphics processing solution for notebooks at Germany's giant CeBIT exhibition yesterday.

The trade show has a clear focus on notebook computers this year, proving Apple CEO Steve Jobs' declaration that 2003 would be "the year of the notebook".

Like ATI's Mobility Radeon 9600, NVidia's new GeForce FX Go5600 and 5200 series introduce DirectX 9.0 technology to notebooks. The new graphics processors aim to delver cinematic-quality computing with 3D-graphics support, performance enhancing features and the capability to play DVDs at the highest quality.

NVidia president and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said: "NVidia is committed to bringing cinematic computing to the masses. A week ago we announced DirectX 9.0-class graphics for the entire desktop PC segment. With the introduction of the GeForce FX Go series, we intend to take theatre-quality Hollywood-style real-time cinematic effects to the notebook."

Dr Jon Peddie, analyst and president of Jon Peddie Research, said: "Notebook computers are now legitimate and welcome personal entertainment devices. Gaming was the biggest hurdle to pass, and this was achieved with the GeForce FX Go and places the notebook as a central platform in the consumer-electronics environment. Our research indicates this market will reach tens of millions of units by the end of 2004, as consumers and road warriors become more mobile."

The two new mobile graphics processors offer NVidia's CineFX architecture with advanced vertex and pixel shaders. They also utilize the company's unified Driver Architecture (for compatibility across products and brands); power-management features are also built-in.

Nvidia's GeForce FX Go series ships in April 2003, first appearing in notebook computers from Toshiba.