Pinnacle Systems is shipping CineWave 2.1.

This latest version of the editing and compositing solution adds uncompressed real-time video to the new Three-Way colour correction capability of Apple's Final Cut Pro 3. The upgrade also includes real-time Chroma Keying with spill suppression and colour-correction filters.

Evan Schechtman, principal at Outpost Digital, said: "CineWave is the hottest video product I have seen on the Mac since After Effects or Final Cut Pro.''

CineWave 2.1 also adds real-time support for, Colour Corrector, Desaturate Highlights, Desaturate Lows and RGB Balance.

David Moody, Apple's senior director of applications marketing said: "Final Cut Pro 3's real-time effects, OfflineRT, and professional colour-correction tools are an unbeatable combination.''

CineWave 2.1 is free upgrade for existing customers.

Pinnacle also has plans to release a free Mac OS X version of CineWave 2.1.