Mobile phone service provider Cingular has introduced the Slvr, a new cell phone from Motorola equipped with Apple's iTunes software.

It’s available to new subscribers for $199.99, with a two year contract. The Slvr is the successor to the Rokr, Motorola's first iTunes-compatible phone. Billed as "ultra sleek," the "candy bar"-style Slvr is considerably thinner than the chunky Rokr and is even thinner than the popular Motorola Razr model, according to Cingular. It also uses a metallic backlit keypad that is evocative of the Razr.

Also called the L7 by Motorola, the Slvr measures 11.5 mm thick and has a 176 x 220 TFT LCD display capable of displaying 262,000 colours. A VGA camera features 4x zoom, video capture and playback as well. The phone is Bluetooth-compatible and works with headsets and car kits.

Like the Rokr, the Slvr syncs its music content with a Mac or PC equipped with iTunes through USB. It comes with a matching stereo headset.

The Rokr has been criticised for its limited song support - the device will only work with up to 100 iTunes songs, regardless of its storage capacity. And like the Rokr, the Slvr can be outfitted with additional memory cards to store photos, music and video clips. Neither Motorola nor Cingular define how many songs the Slvr can hold in their online literature.

There has been no news yet on whether the phone will appear in the UK.