Pinnacle Systems plans to offer Mac OS X support as a free upgrade to all CinéWave customers in July, when the OS X update ships.

Laurin Herr, vice president of content creation products at Pinnacle, said: “Pinnacle designed CinéWave as a means of maximizing the video-production capability of Apple’s G4.

“The system’s flexibility and affordability are making it an increasingly popular choice for broadcasters, filmmakers and video-professionals. We’re always eager to help our customers find ways of getting more from their systems – and OS X offers significant advantages. By providing OS X support, Pinnacle is ensuring that CinéWave customers receive all the performance benefits the Mac-platform has to offer.”

Low-cost solution The company also introduced CinéWave Classic, a new low-cost uncompressed video system for graphic artists and video-editors who already own Apple’s Final Cut Pro. Pinnacle has also introduced CinéAcquire, a comprehensive video-capture and device-control solution for CinéWave that can be used as a stand-alone application, or directly from within leading graphics applications such as Pinnacle’s Commotion Pro and Adobe After Effects.

CineWave Classic is available in April for £2,850. CinéAcquire will be included with all new CinéWave systems at the same time, and can also be ordered independently for £155.