Font management program FontAgent X 10.1 now has font-activation support for Classic applications.

FontAgent X 10.1 from Insider Software runs on Mac OS X. It builds font libraries; activates and deactivates fonts; previews fonts in various typefaces; and checks for corrupt fonts, unnecessary point sizes, partial font families, font version issues, and Type 1/TrueType collisions.

It is now possible to specify the location of libraries to avoid file-access permission problems, and to set library permissions to read or write or read only to protect their integrity. The program can also automatically maintain a font-set that includes all fonts from all libraries. This avoids having to open them all when performing global searches or maintenance.

Rio Sabadicci, CEO of Insider Software said: “The Mac world is steadily moving to Mac OS X and Cocoa applications, but there are still a lot of Classic Macintosh titles out there. This release of FontAgent X lets customers upgrade to Mac OS X without giving up font management or their existing Classic apps. From a font-management perspective, there is now no reason to wait to upgrade to Mac OS X."

FontAgent X costs $89.95 US for a single license. Upgrading from old versions costs $49.95. FontAgent X demo software capable of managing up to 250 font files is also available for download.