Frederator Studios has launched a new daily vintage cartoon video podcast called ReFrederator.

The free series will feature classic public domain cartoons, including Bugs Bunny, Mighty Mouse, Daffy Duck, Betty Boop, Little Lulu, Porky Pig, Donald Duck and Felix the Cat, along with fairy tales and musicals.

Each transmission will feature a short cartoon, and the five-day per week show will group these into weekly themes.

Week one has a Mother Goose theme, beginning with a 1935 Humpty Dumpty cartoon from Ub Iwerks, Walt Disney's personal friend and first employee, followed by Mighty Mouse in 'Wolf! Wolf!' from 1945 and the Oscar-nominated 'Pigs in a Polka' from director Friz Freling. The week will wrap up with 'Poor Cinderella', the only colour Betty Boop cartoon, and 'Foney Fables', a series of short vignette parodies of classic Disney stories.

The shows are available through iTunes.