The UK Classic Mac Club will meet in London on December 28, to swap technical knowledge and play networked arcade games on Mac Classics (illustrated).

Described by organizer John Allan as a "Bring Your Own Mac Classic" party, the event takes place at East London's only Mac-friendly Internet cafe, [email protected] The old-time arcade action begins at 7pm.

Allan said: "We will have lots of old classic games there. We'll be using the cafes network to play some of the older games. We'll also be exchanging technical knowledge, and helping each other master older Mac OS's.

"Since we announced the event, it's been reassuring that there has been such demand from Macophiles still trying to keep their old Macs on the road."

Attendees will meet Chris Lawson (aka "The Pickle"), who looks after the LowendMac Web site FAQ list, and Stuart Bell, famous for his conversions of Mac Classics – including a recent project in which he souped-up a Mac Classic with a new motherboard and G3 processor.

Allan revealed that the organizers hope to sow the seeds of a London-based low-end Mac community, and expect to launch a series of low-end Mac markets in the future. "It's really hard for low-end Mac enthusiasts to get hold of software and spares," mused Allan.

Write to the organizer for more details.