Discreet announced Cleaner 5.1 for Mac OS X at Macworld Expo, San Francisco.

Cleaner is the widely-adopted tool for creating streaming video and audio for multimedia and the Web. It's capable of transcoding content into all major digital-media formats. This release also includes full support for Sorenson Video 3 Professional, useful for transcoding video into QuickTime and DVD content.

"Discreet's primary focus is on delivering reliable and intuitive solutions for professional content-creators, and Cleaner 5.1 for Mac OS X is a natural extension of our commitment towards our Macintosh user-base," said Paul Lypaczewski, general manager, Discreet, and executive vice president of Autodesk.

He added: "Cleaner 5.1 leverages Mac OS X's support for multithreading that automatically takes advantage of multiple processing capabilities when present."

"Mac OS X is the ultimate platform for content creators who require a rich, powerful and stable working environment," said Ron Okamoto, Apple's VP of worldwide developer relations. "Cleaner 5.1 is a tremendous solution for media artists who want to create the highest quality streaming content in QuickTime. Its arrival further demonstrates that OS X is ready to use as a primary platform."

Cleaner 5.1 for Mac OS X will be available in the UK early this year and cost £429 (ex-VAT). Discreet's products are distributed by Computers Unlimited in the UK, products are also available online direct from Discreet.