Salling Software has released Sony Ericsson Clicker 1.5, the next version of its AppleScript-based application that lets Mac users remotely control Mac applications with a Bluetooth Sony Ericsson mobile phone.

New features include AppleScript refinements, and enhanced scripts for iTunes, DVD Player, Keynote and PowerPoint. The application also introduces mouse, cursor and screen-saver controls.

The developer has also added functionality to download new and upgraded action scripts, and improved its proximity-sensor functions. Also available with this release is a visual design environment that users can employ to create their own controls. The application also lets users install third-party action scripts using drag-&-drop and Address Book support.

Application developer Jonas Salling said: "Within a few days of its release in March, thousands of Mac users had downloaded Sony Ericsson Clicker, with some of them already starting to contribute action scripts, furthering the capabilities of the software."

The product is available now and costs $9.95. It runs on all Bluetooth-equipped Macs, and requires a compatible Sony Ericsson mobile phone (T39, T520, T68, T68i, or T610) and Mac OS X version 10.2.4 or later.