Wired is carrying a report on a unique high-security ‘black ops’ Mac – electronically shielded for use by a government agency, military operation or covert-operations squad.

The piece looks at the history of this unique Mac – and finds that there is none available. The computer is a Mac SE/30, housed in an all-metal case that’s been shielded to protect against electronic eavesdropping. The Mac also has a removable hard drive – so all the sensitive information it once contained can be safely transported.

The Mac with no past However, this stealth Macintosh appears in all respects to be a completely conventional model of the type. Owner Bruce Damer told Wired: “It’s a black Mac,” in reference to the black helicopters used by shady government agencies. “We don’t know who used it – the CIA, the Department of Defence – or where it came from.”

Apple sources could provide no background on the machine, which was evidently a top-secret project. The complete article is available online.