Apple’s 63,000 iBook deal with Cobb County educators has been blocked by the US courts.

Critics of the deal had protested that voters in the state had not been sufficiently consulted for such a major deal to take place.

Sales tax subterfuge

The state had also set a special sales tax with which to finance the deal, but the judge found the state had neglected to tell voters what the money would be used for when the deal was approved by constituents.

Former county commissioner Butch Thompson took legal action in protest against making such a deal without securing adequate support.

Associated Press reports that Superior Court Judge Lark Ingram declared last week that: “Fair notice of such use was not given to the public when the referendum for (sales tax) was held,"

She also observed her ruling to have “nothing to do with the merits of the scheme”.

School board may appeal

Thompson had accused school officials of engaging in a “bait and switch” operation when they levied the tax, which was to replace old PCs.

Cobb County school board meets tonight to discuss the decision and to decide if they should appeal.