Coderus has released its MacDX software development kit for creating Universal binary software.

The move means games developers can use MacDX to build games that run happily on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs.

The company is making the new Universal software available at no extra cost in licensing fee for the next 30 days. Existing MacDX users must contact their support representative confirming which titles they want to use with this offer.

MacDX lets developers move source code that uses the DirectX API to both Intel and PowerPC Macs. Most source code, which uses the DirectX APIs can simply be recompiled and linked with the MacDX libraries using Apple's Xcode to generate a Universal binary.

Mark Thomas, CEO/technical director at said: "I'm pleased that we will be able to make our Intel optimisations available at no extra cost. It has taken some time to get our optimisations tuned for the new Intel hardware."

"I can see a bright future in Mac gaming only if we develop in collaboration and stop repeated innovation."