Metrowerks has released CodeWarrior Pro version 5.3, its industry-standard programming environment for the Mac. This is a good sign to developers, concerned about Metrowerks following its take-over by Motorola in 1999. Seen by many as a signal that Metrowerks remains commited to the Mac platform, the new update is available for download on the Metrowerks Web site. It will also be available on CD at the Mac Mecca, Macworld Expo, San Francisco in January 2000.

The new version updates several features to keep developers happy, implementing CW IDE 4.0.4, C/C++ 2.3.2, MSL 5200 and updated Java components and debuggers. Every surfer knows, debuggers are everywhere. AltiVec debugging is also much improved through this new update.

The update is recommended for all developer/programmers using Pro 5.0 and Pro 5.2.