Metrowerks will be releasing two updates at Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) held in San Jose from May 21-25.

The first release will be CodeWarrior for Mac OS v6.2. This is an update for v6.0 or v6.1 to the latest PowerPC- and 68K PEF (Polar Exchange Format)-based code writers.

The second release is an Early Access of CodeWarrior for Mac OS v7.0 components. It includes a new CodeWarrior IDE (version 4.2) with support for Mac OS X frameworks and updated Mach-O compilers. It also features updated Metrowerks Standard Libraries, PowerPlant framework, PEF and Java Debugging on Mac OS X, as well as updated components for targeting PEF and Mach-O on Mac OS X.

CodeWarrior for Mac OS v6.2 will be available in the download section of Metrowerks Web site.

The size of the Early Access release means it will be distributed on CD only, and presented to attendees of the WWDC in a conference bag. Alternatively, the CD can be ordered through Metrowerks after May 21, for $9.95. UK pricing is unavailable at the moment.