UK domain name regulator Nominet has today published its assessment of complaints made regarding its handling of the case.

The report takes a look at how registrant Benjamin Cohen handled the media in its reporting of the case. Cohen, it alleges, "carefully selected highlights of the Domain Resolution Service's Expert's decision, briefing [the press] within hours of it having been made and suggesting that it was an affront to common sense."

Nominet also observes that Cohen's attempt to control the media agenda was: "Helped to some degree by Apple's policy of media silence, which meant that no opposing view was heard until Nominet could comment."

Napster hustle revealed

One signal fact in Cohen's representation of his case becomes clear in Nominet's report - Cohen made an attempt to sell the iTunes UK domain to competing online music service, Napster.

"The Expert found that Mr Cohen had never created his own business called iTunes but, once Apple had started its iTunes business, he had pointed visitors to his domain towards Napster (a competitor of the Complainant). He then offered to sell the domain to Napster for a considerable sum of money - an offer that was turned down."