Coke seems out of fashion, with news that the value of the once-mighty Coca Cola brand is being eclipsed by new labels, such as Apple and Google.

The Coke brand has been the world's most valuable brand for many years, but now its value has declined 4 per cent annually over the past four yearsd, a report claims.

Apple meanwhile is rapidly emerging as a great contender for the role of uber-brand, with its own brand value increasing by a massive 38 per cent.

The sign of Apple's brand power has been clear for many years.

The company won Brandchannel's Brand of the Year award in 2001. Indeed, some industry watchers think Apple would have died a long time ago if it lacked such a powerful brand identity.

Apple's resurgence is clearly evinced in news that the company also took Brandcahnnel's Brand of the Year award in 2004.