In the US, Coldplay have become as big as The Beatles.

Chris Martin's band has flown straight to the top of the Billboard charts (thanks to the absence of the annoying Crazy Frog in that territory). The third album, X&Y is already at number one in the UK.

It's a significant moment - the last time a UK act had number ones in both territories at the same time was in 2000, when a Beatles compilation achieved this musical zenith, according to the BBC.

Longtime Apple fans Coldplay currently feature in an iPod advertising campaign in the US. The band performs their new single “Speed of Sound” in a U2-style 30-second commercial promoting the band’s new album, X&Y, on the iTunes Music Store.

EMI told the BBC that legal digital downloads accounted for 8 per cent of the album's US sales. It has also been confirmed that the band has grabbed the biggest share of legal downloads for any release to date.

And Chris Martin's child is called Apple.