MediaLive International has cancelled the Las Vegas Comdex trade show yet again because the IT industry has lost interest in the once popular event.

MediaLive spokesman Ben Stricker said: "Considerable work remains to build an industry event to serve the industry as it matures with the same success that Comdex did in its infancy. As such, Comdex 2005 will not be held this November in Las Vegas."

Comdex in Las Vegas was once a staple of the technology industry. However, attendance at the show fell after the Internet bubble burst, from about 200,000 in 2000 to 125,000 in 2003. Many attendees said the show had grown too big and unfocused, and a rival Las Vegas event, January's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), became the place to be.

Last year MediaLive cancelled Comdex because of a lack of support from the biggest IT vendors. That problem persists, Stricker said in an interview. "We're still working with the IT community," he said.

Despite having to go two years without Comdex, MediaLive sees a future for the event. "We hope to bring back Comdex in 2006," Stricker said. However, he would not give a probability of the event returning next year. "Right now it is too early to say," he said.

Other Comdex events around the world, including shows in France and Greece, will go ahead as planned, MediaLive said.