PC game Freedom Force will be ported to Mac OS X in time to ship this autumn. Publishers Crave Entertainment and MacPlay have announced plans to port Crave’s top-three gaming titles to Mac OS X. Freedom Force, the first of these, is a comic book-inspired role-playing game.

Look there, up in the sky It allows players to form, train, and lead Freedom Force – a team of 14 original comic heroes. The game has 22 missions, and a fully featured RPG skill-system rewards strategy by allowing players to juggle stats; pump-up their powers; recruit new heroes; and strengthen existing characters based on experience accumulated in tactical missions.

Ron Scott, president of Crave Entertainment Group, said: “We’re very excited to enter into this relationship with MacPlay. Freedom Force is delivering a unique gaming experience to many enthusiastic PC users, and we’re pleased to be in a position to extend that experience to the Mac gaming community as well.”

Mark Cottam, president of MacPlay said: “Freedom Force is just the beginning for MacPlay and Crave – I think the Mac-gamer is going to be really pumped with the line-up we’re bringing out.”