Focus Enhancements has launched the iTView, a PC to television connectivity device, that'll hit the Apple Store (online) and electrical shops in the States soon. It lets you use a TV as a mirror of what's going on on your computer screen.

iTView lets you use any television as a large-screen computer display. It has a 1024-x-768 resolution, a refresh rate of 117Hz, and vertical and horizontal scrolling. The gadget also features RCA Video output and SCART/S-Video output.

iTView works with any iMac, desktop or laptop running Mac OS 8 and later. The device is compatible with any size TV monitor with an RCA (Composite), S-Video or SCART input connector, and supports NTSC or European PAL standards. To use it on a TV receiver however, you'll need an RF modulator which isn't included.

The device also supports up to 16.7 million colours. Gives you control of horizontal and vertical screen positions, as well as compression, brightness and reset controls.

The iTVeiw should prove to be useful gadget, especially when you consider the DVD-ROM element included on the new iMac DV series. iTView will let film buffs all over the world use their iMac's to play DVD onto their huge TV screens. Also, you can plug and play for games and Web-surfing.

UK pricing and availability are yet to be determined.