Essential Reality will launch its revolutionary computer interface, the P5 (illustrated) in the third quarter 2002, said Alexis Chieffet, the company’s marketing coordinator yesterday.

The product was first shown at Macworld Expo, New York in July 2001. Worn like a glove, P5 lets users control their computer with hand movements and gestures. Chieffet said: “The P5 will enable you to manipulate objects on your computer screen with six-degrees of freedom. Just imagine: intuitive mobility will literally be at your fingertips.”

A handy gadget The product allows users to control screen images, using sensors to accurately measure each finger flex, and the position of the user’s hand in 3D space.

The company has big plans for the product. “When P5 first comes out, it will replace the mouse or joystick right out of the box. It will support all USB-based platforms, including Macs, PCs, PlayStation 2s and Xboxes,” promised Chieffet.

Software Development Kits for the product are almost ready to ship to developers, so they can build support for P5 into their applications. The company is working with a multitude of software applications to build P5 drivers for them. On its release, the P5 will ship with a selection of games bundles, and will cost between $129 and $149.